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Michael E. Cindrich

One of San Diego County’s Top Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Law Offices of Michael Cindrich has earned a strong reputation for providing expert legal counsel in several areas of law including all aspects of criminal defense, medical marijuana and felony arrests. Michael is a former prosecutor so he has strong courtroom and trial experience under his belt. He has the skill, ability and knowledge to protect your rights and defend you in court. He will fight for your rights and provide dedicated legal service to you.


He can assist you in a wide variety of legal matters and he also knows that choosing a lawyer can be a difficult task with so many options available to you. We will always take the time to get to know you as a person and to understand the details of your case. We will explain the potential issues with your case and go over possible strategies and options for moving forward. It is important in any Criminal Defense case that your lawyer is proactive and effective when it comes to working with the DA, judge and court system. You will want someone that takes your situation just as serious as you do and that is what we provide at the Law Offices of Michael Cindrich. Our dedication and experience will help us achieve your goal in navigating the legal process successfully and seamlessly as possible.


As a former prosecutor Michael has a lot of experience handling DUI cases. He has experience working these cases from both sides of the legal system as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer. He knows the legal system and how to navigate it properly for his clients. Since he was a prosecutor he knows how the district attorney will go after you and will spot potential flaws in their case. This is just one of the reasons Michael has been so successful as a criminal defense attorney in San Diego. If you are arrested and charged with a violation of code 23152 or 23153 then give our offices a call for a free legal consultation with one of our attorneys today.

Medical Marijuana is also an area of law that Michael specializes in. He has extensive knowledge and legal experience working with and defending clients who have been arrested or had property seized because of Medical Marijuana. He is a strong advocate for all medical marijuana patients in California and will go to battle for them in the courtroom. He is currently the Executive Director of San Diego County NORML and was nominated to San Diego’s Medical Marijuana task force. These are big honors for Michael and shows hit commitment and dedication to the patients he represents.


If you need an attorney that will fight for your rights and be dedicated to your case then give Michael a call today. He takes all of his client work very seriously and you can be rest assured that he will be there for you to protect your rights in court.