Michael Cindrich is a criminal defense attorney that knows the system, prosecutors, judges and how the law works. His experience can help you navigate the legal system when you are arrested for DUI, domestic violence or any type of crime. You will need someone on your side that has been there before and knows what to expect from the DA. Mr. Cindrich will give you legal advice on the best route to take when you are arrested and charged with a crime.


Our goal with each case is to gather as much evidence as possible so that we can put together a strong defense for your case. Our extensive experience with criminal defense enables us to to defend our clients very well during these emotional and trying times for you and your family. Our law firm is there to help you during these rough times and make sure we fight to get you the best possible outcome for your situation. With so much at stake you need a defense lawyer with the knowledge, experience and fortitude to handle the case for you.

If you are live in Escondido, California you know that finding a top defense lawyer is never an easy task. This is why you need to research the top lawyers in your area and read a lot of online reviews. This can be one of the best ways to find a top lawyer for your case. We suggest that you interview several top lawyers and find the one that has good experience with defending clients with similar charges to you.


If you are arrested or charged with a crime then we suggest calling our offices today and scheduling a free consultation with one of our defense lawyers. If you have been charged with a crime this is no minor event at all and can even be life altering for the rest of your life and turn it in the wrong direction. At the Law Offices of Michael Cindrich you will find a team of legal experts that will fight very aggressively to defend your case in court. What sets us apart from other law firms is that we have the experience, passion and knowledge to give you the best possible outcome.

The statistics show that the city of Escondido has increased their efficiency and crime is way down because of that. Recently a study showed that crime has decreased over 2 percent in the last couple years. What time means to you is that the city will not prosecute crimes to the full extent of the law because there is less crime being committed. Michael has the ability to reduce your sentence or even possibly get the charges dropped with the right evidence.

If you are looking for the top defense lawyer in Escondido then call Michael Cindrich today. His law offices can handle all types of defense cases including


Domestic Violence


Child Abuse

Restraining Orders


Drug Crimes


It doesn’t matter what type of crime your have been charged with because our firm specializes in Criminal Defense through San Diego County.